April 25, 2024

Where data privacy meets innovation


High-tech privacy solutions

Pinteg stands out in the realm of high-tech privacy solutions. Originating in Sweden, this pioneering company is at the forefront of reshaping how organizations and businesses manage personal data ethically. Co-founded by Anders Fridlund, Mattias Fernström, and Patrik Persson, Pinteg has developed advanced solutions to empower users in understanding and safeguarding their personal data. In late 2023, Pinteg unveiled Fairity, their GDPR cloud-based platform, marking a significant milestone. Emerging from stealth mode, Pinteg enlisted my support to refine their brand identity and integrate into their unique design department. Inspired by the marvels of technology and their ambitious mission, I developed strategies and designs that authentically captured their essence.


Graphic design

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UI/UX design


Gabriel Altvall




Bringing Pinteg to life: Dynamic mockup designs

At Pinteg, known for its groundbreaking solutions in data privacy, I led the development of dynamic mockups characterized by innovation and clarity. Each design was carefully crafted to mirror Pinteg's core principles of reliability, trustworthiness, and trailblazing spirit. Despite the somewhat mundane nature of GDPR compliance, my approach was to ensure that the communication through these mockups remained straightforward and visually appealing. While the topic itself may not be inherently exciting, I aimed to infuse a sense of sleekness and ease into each design, making them both accessible and engaging.


Where data privacy meets innovation

In a world where privacy is paramount and innovation knows no bounds, Pinteg, a SaaS company specializing in high-tech privacy solutions, collaborates with me to unveil its visual beginning. Here, through my content design, boundaries dissolve, inviting Pinteg's pioneering product, Fairity, to stand out with vibrancy. Just as compliance isn't a list of restrictions but a pathway to unlocking potential, my designs for Fairity serve as a testament to the prowess of Pinteg's innovative solutions. Embracing the wonder of the world, these designs invite ideas to transcend their confines and emerge in their natural environment. The result is a vibrant display of content designed to inspire big ideas and unexpected exchanges, driving Pinteg, and the whole world forward.


Towards a safer digital future

From the sleek interface to the intuitive user experience, every aspect of Fairity is crafted to reflect the seamless integration of security and functionality. The visual elements highlight the dynamism and forward-thinking approach of Pinteg, capturing the essence of a future where data protection is both robust and user-friendly.

This journey of design innovation is about more than aesthetics; it's about creating an experience that resonates with users on a deeper level. Fairity's visuals are not just striking—they are a promise of reliability, a beacon of trust in the digital age. They invite users to engage, explore, and feel confident in the safety of their data. At the heart of this visual narrative lies a commitment to excellence and a vision for the future. Pinteg's mission is clear: to lead the charge in data privacy, not through imposition, but through inspiration. Each design choice reinforces this mission, turning complex privacy concerns into elegant solutions that empower users.


A vision with purpose and precision

Ever felt like compliance is just a list of restrictions? Well, that's not the vibe at Pinteg. When I sat down with data compliance leaders, they didn't see it as a roadblock; they saw it as a pathway to unlock their team's potential. So, when I dove into creating the mockups for Fairity, I kept that in mind. Compliance isn't a deadbolt; it's a key. And these mockups? They're all about making it clear Fairity unleashes your company and your team's full potential, moving forward with confidence in a world where security and innovation go hand in hand.

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